Monday, July 30, 2007

The transition from msn to blogspot...

As exciting and stimulating as it was to have my very own msn Space, I've decided to make the transition, or upgrade rather, from there to here for a number of substantial reasons.
1) For the reason I mentioned before, that it was an upgrade. upgrades are good things.
2) My msn blog definitely left something to be desired.
3) My sister, Nikki, has had one of these for quite some time now and I've always liked hers.
4) My msn blog decided to die a few weeks ago, and hasn't let me access any of my stuff since then.
All evidence was pointing to an upgrade. So here we are. I don't promise this blog will be something exciting or intellectual like Nikki's, but I do my best to make it worth reading and even vaguely interesting. I guess that's all I've got for you now, but there will definitely be more to come!

Things to expect to see here from time to time:
1) Lots of random posts, usually about nothing in particular but sometimes mildly funny.
2) Probably some poetry every now and then.
3) Grammatical errors.
4) Maybe some short stories, but I doubt it.
5) Lists
6) Perhaps some movie reviews.
7) Lots of work stories. work is pretty much my life.

So...I guess I'm done.