Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Is NOT A List Of Things I Love. That Would Be Boring...

I've made blogs before of things that I love, like and hate. Everybody does those. It's old and tired and boring and nobody reads them. Because they're old and tired and boring, people say not to blog about them. BUT, if I WAS going to make a "like" list on here, one of the things near the top would be, "Doing things people tell me I shouldn't/can't" (i.e., eating a Poinsettia leaf JUST because someone told me it would kill me. I'm not dead. IN YOUR FACE!).

So, I'm going to *drumroll please* make a "love" list. Right here. Right now. Because I want to, and it's MY blog, darn it. And I'm going to narrow it down (because I'm a very happy person, and lots of things please me) to things that L-O-V-E with every freaking fiber of my being! And keep in mind, these are not chronological; I'm just typing them as they pop into my noggin.

Time's up, let's do this!

Things I L-O-V-E!

1) Aurora Borealis (I really need to move farther north...)
2) Laughter
3) Biology! (I know, right?)
4) Knowing stuff!
5) Caffeine (Bet you couldn't see that coming)
6) Open horizons (And then going to meet that horizon)
7) Flying (But not taking flying leaps)
8) Being completely underwater
9) My grandparents' farm
10) Snow (Big, fluffy, gentle snow)
11) Hunting/fishing
12) Mountains (Thank you, John Denver)
13) Christmas
14) Road trips
15) Owl City (This should really be closer to the top. Fo sho.)
16) Dreaming (Like, at night, when my brain's shut off)
17) Anything that's insanely sparkly
18) Those pictures where you cross your eyes and see a 3-D picture. (lovelovelove!)

There. If I go on anymore, I'll start blurring the line between things I L-O-V-E and things I just plain ol' love, and we can't have that. And I'm not going to make a "Things I hate" list, either. I'm boycotting negativity, so, there you go. Everybody join me. It'll be awesome. Tell all your friends.

Hmm. This blog is a little shorter than usual. Oh well. I've got things I need to do anyway. (Biology!!)