Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay, so my car has been in its dark and lonely tomb (or perhaps more commonly known as the garage) for almost a week. because of the ridiculous number of people living at my house nowadays, and the ridiculous number of them who own cars, there are usually about three in the driveway, two on the street, and one in the tomb. so whichever lucky car gets nominated as the least important one and stuffed into the tomb is also the lucky car that can only escape if all the other cars are gone from the driveway or parked far enough back (which rarely happens). it was so sad, not being able to take Snoopy out for a drive or to work or wherever else I needed to go. oh, there was always somebody else's car to use...but it's not the same. cause then you have to fix the steering wheel and the seat and the mirrors and it's just a big pain. oh, and all the radio presets are all messed up and you cant find your favorite radio station.

So anyways. today I had no work and school is over (hallelujah) so I was so excited about doing nothing at all, or at least doing whatever I felt like. and so I decided on going to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. I look outside and sure enough, my car is still trapped inside the garage. mom says not to worry, just take her car. no, I had had enough. I wanted Snoopy, and I wanted him now. I would not wait another day to free him from his prison. I even went through the pain and toil of moving Nikki's car, a half dozen 2x4s that were stacked behind my car, as well as the snow blower. I never knew snow blowers were so heavy! was all I could do to move that thing. but finally, finally, after a week being in the tomb, Snoopy was free and we were tearing down 70th street, having a jolly good time.

So that evening when I came home, I was very tired (I'd been shopping all day...but be proud of me, I got all my shopping done!) and was anxious to get home. and it was like, all of a sudden, everything was perfect. the slight vibrations of the car were perfectly in sync with the rhythm of the music pumping through the speakers. and then (magically, I'm sure of it) this awesome song comes on the radio with just enough guitar and drums (and a piano), sung by some guy I don't know (but he had an awesome voice), and the song was about loving thunder and rain.

It was so neat...I was coasting at like, 50 mph on deserted streets at night listening to an awesome song in an awesome car. it was perfect. I didn't want it to end. I came to the place to turn to go home, and whoops...did I pass it? darn. gotta go the looooong way home. blast. I hate it when that happens. *turns up music*


Curtis said...

I'm feelin' it on that music part, lol. Usually I just sit with the car running in the driveway, listening to the awesome song that just came on as I pulled up. It's really fun to turn it up and wait for the curtains in the front windows to part and inquisitive heads to cluster against the glass... hehe.

Hey, we need to get together while we're both on Christmas break! I keep catching myself looking forward to Wednesdays, lol. Ooh! Did I tell you that I might be getting a job at Clocktower Vets? I'm really excited about it! I'd get to take care of cute little doggies and kitties! Woot!

Catcha later,

Swan said...

Lol! I wouldn't be able to last a single day without Chester. It would drive me to complete madness not being able to drive him. = ]

Jessica said...

You really didn't sound all that disappointed about having to go the long way lol. I love reading your posts Jo, you write in a way I never could.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!!

Jessica said...

Merry Christmas Sis! I hope your day is wonderful!!