Friday, April 11, 2008

Fly On, My Love

I see you walking on my earth
Sick, weak, weary, frail
Chasing something just out of reach
Striving to no avail

My dear little children, do not fret
Your Father has not withdrawn
Because I am with you every step
Strive on, my child, strive on

Overcome with love and joy
You lift up your voice to sing
The gift of your songs of sincere praise
Is better than any offering

As praise wells up inside your heart
You lift your voice in song
Because it gives me joy and glory
Sing on, my joy, sing on

Things can happen in this life
That we cannot explain
We don’t always know the reason
For suffering and pain

So I will fold you in my arms
When you feel like hope is gone
Because I am your loving Father
Cry on, my child, cry on

One day after you fight the fight
And fall to Death’s embrace
And when you leave your earthly home
And fly away from that place

When you’re on your way to Me
Flying through the rays of the dawn
Because I can’t wait to welcome you home
Fly on, my love, fly on.


Curtis said...

Wowsers! I less than three it! What inspired this? This is verrrry good!

Swan said...

*stares in awe*
Jo this is really beautiful...
I really wish that it would never end its so good! Thanx so much for posting it!

Johanna said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it! Nothing really inspired it, I dont think. sometimes I just hear a word and think, "That would make a good poem!"

And Curtis, what does "less than three it" mean?

Curtis said...

Lol, well you know how people make little hearts like this: <3 ? "<3" meaning heart, meaning love, of course. I think it was a Smosh video that I first heard somebody actually say "I less than three it" instead of the traditional "I heart it," hehe. It's a new thing.

Johanna said...

Oh! I always see those "<3" things around, but I've never known what they are. and just between you and me, I think they don't really look like hearts. :O anyways, thanks for "less than three-ing" my post. :P

Katie Lyn said...

Wow, Jo. That poem was lovely! You are such a good writer. I actually got chills when i read the last verse :).

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for that poem. I'm pretty sure good just used your poem to speak to me. I know you wrote that awhile ago, but I just read it today and it's really what I was needing to get my day going.

Anonymous said...

whoops, I mean GOD* not good.