Friday, April 25, 2008

Thunderstorms at two a.m.

I knew it. I could feel it in my bones. just like Papa Bear who could feel a storm in his left big toe (from the Berenstain Bears, for those of you who never had a real childhood). I knew one would come along here soon. and I was right. mwahaha.

So there I was. minding my own little business in my bedroom, doing something, I don't remember what. isn't that always the way it goes? I feel like an old person or something, for all the things I forget. anyways. we're off subject. bring it back.

There I was, doing that thing I don't remember doing at my desk in my bedroom (at least I remember that much). then all of a sudden, I heard a noise. actually, I felt it before I actually heard it. a low rumble. I could feel the vibrations pulsing through everything I touched. I knew it had to come along sooner or later...the first thunderstorm of the year.

So basically, I love rain and especially thunderstorms. and tonight (err...this morning? yikes. it's already 3:30. my bad) at about 2:00 a.m. my dad poked his head into my bedroom (scared the livin' daylights outta me, too) to remind me to close my window so rain water wouldn't come in. now, I'd been hearing the thunder, but not any rain. my father assured me that, yes, it was raining, and please, for crying out loud, try to go to bed before sunup. parents have such funny notions.

So I help my dad check all the windows in the house, and then he climbs the stairs and heads back to bed. me, I didn't have work the next day, so why should I rush? I wait until he's in his bedroom, and then tiptoe to the back door. I peeked outside and saw the rain, pouring strait down like little silver bullets. it was beautiful. I remove my socks and roll up my pant legs. then, quietly (so as to not wake people, of course. that would be rude, right?) I eased the back door open, cringing at every squeak. silently, I slipped outside into the rain. it was warm, perfectly so. the sky was bright with lightning and every time I saw it flash I'd grin stupidly and wait for the thunder that would inevitably follow close behind it.

I kind of just stood there for a while, glancing around every so often to make sure the neighbors weren't outside gawking at the girl next door who sneaks outside to play in the rain at two a.m. Not that I needed to worry; most of the people who live close to me are the mini van couple with two kids and a dog types, who go to bed at nine at night. no fear of them catching me outside at two in the morning. and even if they did, so what. they already know our family is weird.

Anyways. I stood out there and smiled and looked up into the rain until I was quite soaked and I had started to shiver, then went very quietly back inside and stole up to my room. it had been terribly fun, and I never even got caught--ah! I mean, I never even woke anybody.

So now I'm thinking I should probably go to bed. meh. I'm not really all that tired. see, thing is, I get really tired at about one a.m. every night. if I stay strong and tough it out and stay awake past about two, then I usually can't get to sleep again (even if I tried) until about four. ah, well, there's always plenty of stuff to do. and hey, it IS almost four! hoorah. I might just try to hit the sack after all. probably. maybe. maybe not...

'Night all.

Know what's funny? I probably wont even remember writing this tomorrow. ha!


Kaylene said...

O yes. I hear ya. t-storms make me happy. jubilant. content. they motivate and excite me. I looove t-storms.

Jessica said...

Oh I am so bad Jo I haven't been on any buddies blog for so long!! You probably all think I have up and left you all in the dirt lol. Sorry sis, can you ever forgive me?
I love the rain, where I am from it never stops raining! (ok maybe a bit of an exageration) My family had no idea when we were moving to the beach that we were moving to what is consider a coastal rain forest, oops. Sounds like you had fun though, and npt to worry, even if you neighbors were watching, well at least they got a good laugh out of the whole thing right?

Curtis said...

The Berenstain Bears were my childhood. I loved that family! Newhos, I'm very jealous of your thunderstorm-excursion. It's very hard for me to sneak out to play in the rain, let alone stay up that late on a regular basis. But when summer comes, alllll that must change. :-D

Tori said...

Jo - Can you please enjoy the thunderstorms out there for me also...because we don't get them here in Seattle. I is so sad!!! Miss you girl, Tori

Johanna said...

no thunderstorms? I feel for you, Tor, I really do. so yes, I will enjoy them for the both of us. :)