Saturday, November 1, 2008

And The Two Shall Become One...

I love weddings. I love to think about people being in love. I love even more to think about ME being in love. :) it's kinda weird. when I think of love--and I'm talking about the husband and wife love--it always seems like some sort of wonderful elusive thing, flirting with my outstretched hand.

So tonight I had the privilege of actually being in the wedding of my good, good friend. I was a bridesmaid. and as I watched them get married, it made me remember just how badly I want to be in love and become some man's wife. I want that...bad.

I've been thinking a great deal about being a wife. just the other night in my Bible I was reading in Proverbs, and this one of the verses I read: "Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord." Proverbs 19:14. I've read that before, but never like I did then. it made me think of the Lord training up a woman, teaching her to be loving and graceful and godly and wise, and then proudly giving her to a godly man as a gift to him. it made me realize how badly I want to be that kind of woman. the kind of woman that God would be pleased to give to a man as a gift, and the kind of woman a man would be honored to call his wife. I want God to teach me to be that kind of woman, that kind of wife.

I sometimes wonder why God hasn't brought anybody especially special into my life yet. but I think when I do that, I get ahead of myself. maybe God's not done training me yet. maybe God's not done training him yet. maybe we both need more time to grow and mature and strengthen our walk with Christ.

But hey, just because I need more time doesn't mean I can't dream. can't stare off into space and wonder what he looks like, what his parents are like, if they're training him up to be a godly man, wonder if he's funny, wonder what kind of food he likes, wonder what he's into, wonder what in the world I'll do if he doesn't like coffee, and wonder what it'll feel like to put my hand into his in front of an alter and become man and wife. and what a day that'll be, to know that after a long, long wait, God has declared me ready to be presented to my man as his gift from the Lord. I do know one'll be amazing.

"Something Beautiful" --Newsboys. and no, I didn't do that on purpose. I swear. the song started playing just now. crazy, eh?


Tori said...

Jo...beautiful post! I'm thankful you desire to grow in wisdom, grace, ...etc! His timing is perfect! CAn't wait to meet your husband someday though!!!! :)But hopefully you'll meet mine first! :)

Hero's Cousin said...

that is a great wedding song!
great post, jo!