Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazing Grace

Day after day, I approach You
“I won’t do it again.” I say
I can’t imagine how it pains You
When I do it again anyway

And then, after I’ve fallen again
I hide from You, afraid
Embarrassed of these stains
Unwilling to show You how far I’ve strayed

Knowing You’d forgive me but still ashamed
I hold the pain inside
Unable to present to You my shame
Feeling as if our relationship had died

Until I cannot bear the separation
And I dare to crawl to You
Preparing my explanation
Feeling dirty through and through

I open my mouth to plead my case
And ask you to forgive me
But You running to me with a ready embrace
Was something I didn’t foresee

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I sob to You
As you gently hold me close
“I did what I told You I wouldn’t do.”
Although I’m sure You already know

And as You stood there holding me
I heard You quietly say,
“Oh, my daughter, don’t you know
That my mercies are new every day?

Your sins are gone, they’ve been erased
You once were lost but now you’re found.”
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound.


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh that is awesome!!! I love it. Move out of the way Emily Dickenson lo l. That was really inspiration. Good Job!!

Hero's Cousin said...

that's really great, jo! i hope you'll start putting up more of your poetry.

Curtis said...

Hey, I got a Blogspot. If the Spirit moves me, I might even keep it updated!

jnet said...

i didn't know you wrote poetry jo....i'm excited to read more! "speak again bright angel" - shakespeare