Monday, September 10, 2007

It's FALL!!

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. the time of year to pull up the covers and starting making the cider. time to start shaking the dust off those old sweaters and musty blankets. time to start baking cookies and rummaging around trying to find your recipe for Russian Tea. Yes, folks, it's Fall. Or Autumn, or whatever you want to call it. I personally call it Fall because I've never approved of that little "n" at the end of Autumn.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. "It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaar..." No, stop. No Christmas songs. at least until December, or late November.

Fall is the best season ever. Reasons that I love Fall:
1) You can stand outside for more than five minutes without feeling like a icicle or a twice-baked potato.
2) You can step on all the crunchy leaves you want without feeling like a fool, because you know everyone else is doing it, too.
3) You can open your window at night.
4) You can cuddle under your covers.
5) You can have all the fun of the "holiday season" without tornadoes or blizzards messing up your plans.
6) You can wear hooded sweatshirts.
7) You're just starting to get excited for the many upcoming holidays.
8) Football. (I usually don't car much, but this year I'm totally pumped!)
9) Deer hunting season. I know. it's a dumb reason, but I really do love it!
10) Russian Tea. for those of you who've never had it...your life must feel so meaningless.

So those are some reasons why I like Fall. for those of you who wanted to know why I like Fall...

Oh, and on a little side note, my sunglasses died again. yep. those new sunglasses I just bought? broke in half. so I've decided that either my sunglasses have some sort of personal grudge against me...or the stuff in my purse has some sort of personal grudge against the idea of sunglasses in general. :-/


Hero's Cousin said...

now i want some russian tea! mmm...better have some more coffee.

i kind of like the word autumn better than fall, because Autumn reminds me of hair and leaves, you know, frizzy red hair that is the same color as golden fall leaves. it's an honor to have hair that is the color of fall (autumn) leaves.

jnet said...

...and beautiful trees (the aspens against pines, a brillant maple that has turned red, the trees in michigan this time of year) the crisp autumn air, that you can breath in deep - "football weather". elk season (for watching and photo shoots only :) campfires, the smell of fireplaces burning, hayrack favorite time of year! ....and russian tea - why don't you bring us some sunday nite! that sounds delightful!

Jessica said...

Another great thing about fall is u can cuddle up with a blanket, hotchocolate and a book and not feel like an idiot or sweat to death!