Friday, September 21, 2007

It's another country heard from...

So here I was a few minutes ago, sitting in some desolate corner of everybody's favorite coffee shop, the Mill. and I forgot my headphones and the cord for downloading music from my computer to my mp3 player. so here I sat, with nothing to do with myself. but I had already bought myself an Italian Soda (amaretto), so I was committed to staying here at least until I had finished it.

So now I'm writing here. and I couldn't think of anything to talk about, so now I'm going to be really lame and steal the topic from Nikki's newest blog. but don't worry...I have my own perspective about getting two more people in the house.

When Nikki and Jim first moved away, it was so hard and I couldn't picture living without them and all that. well, it's been a year since then. I've adapted and learned to get by. this sounds horrible, and maybe it is, but not having them around so much has actually sort of forced me to get closer to my other siblings. Josh and I are actually almost friends now. :) so recently, Nikki and Jim both moved back into the house after being AWOL for a year. I was wondering how well I was going to handle the change and hoping it wasn't going to be weird or awkward, but it wasn't that at all. in fact, I welcomed it...after I got used to it a little bit.

And there definitely was something to get used to, make no mistake. I'm a sort of messy person (okay, I'm a really messy person!) and Nikki is not. in fact, Nikki and I are about as different as those two dogs, Ted and Fred, in the book "big dog little dog". so when Johanna-the-slob and Nikki-the-neat-freak share a bathroom, there's bound to be a little frustration. :)

And when Nikki came into my bedroom and said "We're gonna have to change some things in here." I was like, whoa now sistah. you can do whatever you want with your bedroom and maybe even the bathroom...but this is sacred ground, so don't even try it. but after seeing her finished room...I'm inclined to change my mind. maybe a splash of color in my room would be fun to have after all.

But it hasn't been too bad. in fact, it's been a lot of fun having Nikki back. Jim too, of course, but Jim is gone a lot of the time, and when he is home he's either conked out like a gorilla on the couch (which also doubles as his bed) eating any/everything he can find or slouched in front of the Nintendo with a controller.

One other thing that's been kinda funny was Justin and Kelsey. I knew Nikki and Jim were dating, of course, but it's a little weird, and even slightly amusing to come home and find the "significant others" in my house. haha. Anyway, I guess that's all I got. I'm glad Nikki and Jim moved back, and I'm sure some pretty funny stories will come of it.

Well now, that wasn't so bad after all. and my Italian Soda is gone now, so I suppose I will be off.


Jessica said...

Yeah don't u love when u just can't seem to gid rid of umm lol. My sister has been talking for about a year of how she was moving out. She is still living in the garage. At least she moved out of my crowded room!

Johanna said...

haha, yeah, Nikki and I used to share a thankfully I have my own. :)

Hero's Cousin said...

i live to persuade. :)