Wednesday, January 16, 2008


*We haven't had a poem for a while, and I know some of you have heard this one already...but I really like it. I wrote this one evening as I saw the sun setting and it was so beautiful and I thought: "Does this happen every night...and I don't even notice it??"*

Running through the busy day
Wrapped in a blanket of stress
Running here and doing that
Complaining that life is a mess

The sun comes up with an encore of color
Lighting up the sky
The flowers open and reach for the sun
For the sake of delight, the birds fly

From one problem to another
Life is getting old
You’re so busy fixing problems
You’re missing the beauty unfold

The blue sky graced by white puffy clouds
The small spider spinning its home
A busy little bee fills its legs with pollen
And heads back to the honeycomb

Unanimously shedding their leaves each year
The trees lapse into sleep
The clouds roll in, the thunder rolls
And the sky begins to weep

When evening replaces the daylight
The sky fades into twilight gray
Some animals are going to sleep
Some are coming out to play

Now it’s nighttime, the day is gone
And there’s something you should know
It’s been a whole day of incessant beauty
And you’ve missed the entire show.


Jessica said...

This is beautiful Jo! It reminds me off all we miss when we don't take a break to smell the roses or watch the sunset. This poem captured it beautifully!
Have an awesome day and enjoy all that the Lord has made!
God Bless Sis!!

Curtis said...

I love it! Yea, I've found that I tend to forget to stop and enjoy the simplicities of God's creation... One thing that I usually don't forget to do though, is take at least 4 walks a week in the snow! Yay! Lol, it helps that I have to take care of a friend's dog...