Saturday, May 3, 2008

On A Lighter Note...

Most of the poetry that I post on here is deep and meaningful, but here's a little one for you that...well...isn't. enjoy. :)

I Will Trust Your Blinker

Late for work, I jump in my car
My car starts with a roar
I throw on the shades, put my car into gear
And put the peddle to the floor

I go to turn on another road
But the busy street is packed
And I know it’s going to be hard to turn
And keep my car intact

And then I see you coming my way
All other hope is gone
You’re moving too fast for me to get out
But you’ve got your blinker on

For just a small split second
I panic in indecision
You’ve got your blinker on
But I want to avoid a collision

You’re driving at a frightening speed
At the same speed my mind is thinking
You’re coming at me so terribly fast
But that little light is blinking

Well listen, buster, I’m late for work
I don’t have time for games
And as I watch you speeding close
From behind my tinted frames

I make a quick decision
About that little blinking light
I quickly pull onto the street
Grit my teeth and hang on tight

I look in my rear-view mirror
You’re still coming fast
Then I see you turn off your blinker
Oh blast.

There now! hope you liked it! it made me laugh when I first wrote it. have a great week everybody! oh, by the way, "Away" by Nightwish is a fantastic song. just thought I'd throw that out there cause that's what I'm listening to right now.'s sweet.

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Curtis said...

Lol! Loved the poetry, as always. You should put together a book of poetry! That would be so awesome and I would totally buy one (autographed, of course). :-D

The song I've been listening to lately is One Last Breath by Creed. Also a really, really good song!