Monday, September 1, 2008

The Final Countdown

I just realized something. this is the last September 1st that I have before I turn old. in March of '09, I'll be 20 years old. an old fogy by anyone's standards. I'm gonna be an old fogy!! *sob* where did all that time go? where did I spend my Glory Years? one minute I'm seven years old, learning how to ride a bike and the next minute I'm almost 20 years old. crazy. I feel like I just stepped out of a black hole or a time pod or something. I'm not ready to be 20!!

Anyways. since this is my last year of blissful youth, I've decided that it's gonna be a good one. a memorable one. one that I'll be able to look back to and sigh and say, "Ah, that was a good year." kinda like that "Summer of '69" song by that one guy who's name I do not know. this is going to be my "summer of '69", so to speak.

So. what shall I do with myself to make this year (or what's left of it) spectacular?? I need ideas, people. crazy ideas. within reason, of course, but not exclusively. what I mean is, I need crazy ideas of stuff to do this year, kinda, sorta, loosely related to being within reason. something more exciting than, "Paint all your toenails different colors" but not something like, "Fly to Switzerland and find extended relatives" either. think balance.

Skydiving would be good, but it probably costs like a billion dollars. white water rafting, yes, I definitely want to do that before I die, but I don't know where to find any extreme river rapids around here. lemme think. I've always wanted to stand in two states at once. you know. with one foot in one state and one foot in another. yeah, I'm gonna do that before the year is out. definitely. take a trip to Nebraska City some afternoon. I could probably be there and back before anyone even knew I was gone. :P I wonder if I need a passport to pass into Iowa...

Trying sushi is totally one. I've already done it this year, but it still counts as something interesting that I did in my 19th year of life. I also tried eel. and consequently, the eel was inside the sushi. :)

I'll be in a wedding this year, for the first time ever. that's something. something awesome. it'll rock. I'll be in the wedding of one of my very best friends, and while I'm 19 to boot. I can't wait!

But I need to think of more things. and YOU need to help me, cause I'm bad at coming up with creative ideas. it can be something as simple as trying a (specific) strange coffee flavor, or as crazy as learning to use a pistol (which I do totally want to do someday). either way, I'd love ideas. the more the better. I'm gonna do awesome stuff this year. the more awesome the year, the easier it'll be to transition myself into adulthood. :(

"Orphans Of God" --Avalon. Avalon is not my favorite group ever, but seriously, this song is amazing. listen to it, all of you. that's an order.


Tori said...

Jo - you are still so young! BUt I understand the need to accomplish things like "going to all the Starbucks in Nebraska" or something like that! You should totally go to NE City for the Applejack Festival in September! IT is awesome! Lots of apples, carmel apples, cider, crafts! It's so fun!

Tori said...

Other things you should do before you are 20...
- Nebraska Football Game (Even if you can't get in to it...just go down and hang out before the game!)
- The Omaha Zoo!
- Try to cook a whole meal from scratch! (It's fun!)
- Go to Nebraska City!
- Eat @ The Highway Diner!!!!!

Johanna said...

Thanks for the ideas, Tori! that Applejack Festival sounds perfect!!

Jeanette said...

"sunrise, sunset" and since i'm already an old fogy (i can explain that if you don't get it.)

things to do before you turn twenty....
-climb a mountain
-go skiing/snowboarding
-write a story
-memorize Ecclesiastes 3:1-14
-sing karaoke
-learn how to salsa
-plant a tree
-do the rip cord
-learn how to drive a stick-shift
-swim in the ocean
-do a random act of kindness
-blog all the things you do before you turn the big "20"
....just some advice, life does go on :)