Friday, December 12, 2008

Once Upon A Time, There Was This Girl With Too Much Time On Her Hands...

Right now, there are a good many things I should be doing. I could take my pick. pick a card...any card! but no. I'm not doing any of the vast assortment of things I ought to be doing. and I was just sitting here wondering why, and I decided to analyze what I should be doing, and why I'm not doing it. strange, yes. different, yes. lame, maybe. who cares.

1) I should be studying for my upcoming finals. not doing that because: then I would have to look at numbers, and numbers make me cry. reason: good enough.

2) I should be reading a good book. Not doing that because: then I would actually have to find a good book, open it to the first page, and struggle through the first, boring parts. reason: good enough.

3) I should be making plans, both for the immediate and the far away future. not doing that because: that is way too deep for this time of night/morning (2:00). reason: really good.

4) I should be doing laundry. goodness knows I need to. not doing that because: the laundry room is two flights of stairs away, it would make noise and wake my brothers, who would then beat me up (or try to. I'm pretty scrappy when I want to be). reason: pretty darn good.

5) I should be wrapping Christmas presents. not doing that because: it takes a long time and makes a big mess, and I don't know how long I'm gonna be awake, and I wouldn't want to get tired right in the middle of such an undertaking. reason: lame.

6) I should be sleeping!! good grief! what's wrong with me?!? not doing that because: I'm the stupidest person alive. reason: laughable.

So. I know you're DYING to know. apart from writing this, what AM I doing?? it's just eating at you, isn't it. No? well, that's okay, I'm gonna tell you anyway. truth be told, aside from listening to music, I'm really...not doing much of anything. I'm sitting in my bed in my pajamas (at least I've made it that far) traveling around the music world, and making some good findings, I must say. and SO, instead of saying what I'm listening to at the end like I usually do, I'm gonna tell you some of the songs I've found, that I like. they're pretty diverse. sorry.

"Stampede." -- Chris Ledoux. While she is a fierce country music hater, Johanna approves of Chris Ledoux.

"Shades Of Gray." -- The Monkees.

"Poems, Prayers, And Promises." -- John Denver.

"Fly Away." --John Denver, again. what can I say, I like the guy.

"Generation." --Simple Plan.

"Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying [Ska Version]." --Relient K. this song (if you can really call it a song) makes me laugh SO HARD!! I'm laughing right now! it's three in the morning, and I'm laughing out loud! oh no...I hope my brothers don't hear.

Oh no. I knew it would happen. sometimes the Tired just hits me like a ton of bricks. I'm so tired all of a sudden. oh man...there I go...bye.


Hero's Cousin said...

it always works...when you are not as tired as you should be, just try valiantly to stay awake, then the Tired will get you, and it is a sweet defeat.

KC said...

Could you please blog a little more often? I love reading your are such a great writer!!

Love you, Jo!

Johanna said...

Thanks, KC. I'll see what I can do. :)