Monday, January 12, 2009

That Age Old, Yet Still Prevalent Question.


It's a dumb question, sometimes. it's a very valid question, sometimes. it's a very annoying question, always. but it's a question everybody in the world has asked at some point, and it's a question I ask myself every single day of my life. Why? I dunno but it makes for a great blog. :)

Why did I put on two different colored socks this morning?

Why do people always think I'm joking when I say, "Let's do that again!"?

Why did Nikki lie about using my toothpaste?

Why doesn't Lincoln ever get any decent snowfalls?

Why does all my electric stuff break?

Why is it so cold in here?

Why didn't I get to go home first from work, even though I'd been there the longest???

Why do I have a flashlight hidden behind my coffee pot?

Why am I not allowed to go into the attic above my closet? (highly suspect)

Why did that lady at work ask if I was wearing my boots??

Why can't I make my left hand do things my right hand can do? (and "Jo, you're right handed" isn't good enough!)

Why do we find words on a page between two pieces of cardboard so exciting?

Why can't money grow on trees?

Why can't Douglas come back and teach Marcus who's boss?

Why can't people understand that Pepsi and Coke are exactly the same?

Why do squirrels run across the street right when there's a car going by? WHY??

Why can't Macy tell Gimbel?

Why am I asking all these questions? Hmm. maybe I should've asked myself that before now.

I love the question "why?". it has the potential to make people question what they've just said and it can make people very angry (which is sometimes funny, depending on the person and just how angry they are). another reason I like it is because you can use after any statement in the world. maybe that's why little kids crack me up so much. they need reasons for everything.
"Let's go to the park." "Why?"
"I'm hungry." "Why?"
"Clean up your mess." "Why?"

I'm done. why? the world may never know. (that's always the safest answer, I've decided).


Yep. this is a multi-part blog. saves me the trouble of making a new blog in a few days, and it saves you the trouble of checking back for a while! see how I'm making life better and easier for everybody??

Anyways, just so's everybody knows, Nikki and Justin are now officially ENGAGED!! yep, it's true. after a long, agonizing wait, they've done it. or I suppose I should say, he's done it. it was kinda funny, cause after they got engaged, they came to our house, and told mom and dad. the rest of us were scattered throughout the house, so Dad calls out: "Hey everybody, come here! you've mail!"

I was in my room at the time. got mail? please. IF I ever DO get mail, it's usually about three weeks before anybody tells me I got any. since when was my mail so important? my dad has better things to do with his time than herald mail announcements. and we all got mail?? at eleven o'clock at night? right. I could've thought up something better in my sleep. I wondered what was going on.

I suspected, the minute that I came to the top of the stairs, that they had become engaged. I was 90 percent certain. Nikki and Justin were standing in the entry. Nikki had her hands behind her back. they both had funny looks on their faces.

I started to grin as I came down the stairs. much as I suspected it was true, I didn't want to freak out and be like, "Oh my gosh!! CONGRATULATIONS! When's the wedding?!?! How'd he do it?!?" if it turned out to be something else. how embarrassing.

But then, when I looked at Mom, and she grinned really big and nodded at me, I knew it could be nothing else. I began to shout, "Let me see it! Let me see it!!" at about that same time, Mary and Rachel came into the room. from their point of view, they saw the ring first. Mary's gasp lasted about ten seconds. it was hilarious.

I don't remember what I did. I think I giggled like a fool for about fifteen minutes, hugging Nikki, Justin, and whoever else I laid eyes on. I could barely take my eyes from the ring. it's beautiful. after waiting so long (and yes, I know it was a longer, harder wait for Nikki and Justin, but c'mon, a sister is allowed to be in suspense, too) they had done it.

So now, two siblings engaged to be married. I realized a few months ago that these days are the last blissful days I've got before everything changes. I'm not sure why, but I don't deal with change very well (maybe that's why I didn't vote for Obama?? :P). I don't like when things change. hopefully they'll be easy changes to adjust to.

I'm really excited for the weddings. I'm excited to see my brother take a bride, and for my sister to take a husband. I'm excited to watch them start their lives together. I'm really excited to have nieces and nephews. but y'know something else? I'm gonna miss my big sister and my big brother. I'm gonna miss them something terrible.

"New York's Not My Home" --Jim Croce. Ahh...this song takes me back to CNA class.


Hero's Cousin said...

awww...i loved both parts of your blog! :) i love hearing stories from others' perspectives. i think change is always hard (the obama bit made me laugh out loud) but the best things can only be gotten by giving up something good too. it is hard to think about leaving home - and harder to know that soon, i'll actually do it! but everything worthwhile has to be sacrificed for. great thoughts jo!

KC said...

Im excited for the Trexel family, cool!!! You are next, my dear little Jo!!

I love ya! Keep bloggin...

Tori said...

Whoooo hoooo! Jo - that is awesome!