Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Sunglasses Dilemma

For the most part, I think I do a good job of taking care of my stuff. no, it doesn't last forever, but I shop at Wal Mart so it's not supposed to, and I'm okay with that. but my sunglasses (I know, random) never last, even if I buy a good, expensive pair (expensive is supposed to be good, right?) they always break within the first month I own them. some peoples' sunglasses (and cats, for that matter) have 9 lives...but throughout the years I've found out that mine have -2 lives. my sunglasses don't like to live. in fact, every pair I've ever owned has taken the first opportunity available to commit suicide. I don't know why sunglasses hate me. I've never done anything to them except keep them in my excessively-large purse with several other heavy items that I try to tell myself I cannot leave the house without that could (just maybe) cause them minimal harm. other than that, there is no reason why every pair of sunglasses I've ever touched have broken soon after their purchase.

Recently, (after another sunglasses suicide) I bought another pair. a good one. from a prestigious and trustworthy store. okay, JC Pennies. whatever. they looked durable enough and felt nice and all that. there was nothing wrong with them. I had 'em for a while and I was just starting to think "Hey, maybe these are a pair that will stay in one piece for a while!"

At the same time, I came into a sunglasses inheritance. my sister had had a pair of aviators that I had envied for a while, when she brought them to me and said they were broken, but if I wanted I could have them. I looked at the sunglasses. they were fine, except the frame was a little bent, which was easily fixed. but it was too late for her, she had given them to me. so in the end, I had two good pairs of sunglasses which I rotated out on a steady basis to try and keep them happy.

Well, the aviators gave up the ghost a few days ago, when both of the lenses popped out at the same time and I found the frame horribly mangled and bent out of shape. well, I still had the other pair. so I go to get them, and find that both the arms (or whatever they're called) are kind of loose or broken or something, AND they're molting. I didnt know sunglasses had skin...until it started falling off. talk about gross. how do these things happen?

So I got another pair. they're okay. they feel a little funny and make my face look a little boxy, but I can life with that. they havent died yet. but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.


Hero's Cousin said...

what an insightful post. i didn't know sunglasses could molt, or that JC Penny's was prestigious. :) i'm really glad you can make me laugh!

j'net said...

i can relate...i bought a pair to take to peru. i put them in my carry-on for safe keeping. when i pulled them out, they were broken in half. i asked shane if he could super glue them for at least the week. they worked well...then as we were traveling and i was rolling up my pant legs in this public restroom so i wouldn't get what was on the floor (and not in the toilet) on my pants, they fell off. i couldn't bear to even think of picking them up and washing them off....so i'm "sunglass-less". :)