Friday, October 19, 2007


So first I'm going to apologize for all the rapid-fire amount of blogs these days. I'm always complaining that I don't have enough time to get stuff done, so why I keep posting on here time after time after time is way beyond me. but oh well. it's a good getaway, maybe. anyhow, I'm sorry. I don't expect you to be reading my blogs as fast as I've been writing them.

Now that we've got the business out of the way...oh crap. I just forgot what I was gonna write about this time. hang on, it'll come to me...wait for it...there it is! I remember now. *disclaimer: all things in this post that may be interpreted as "dark" or "slightly creepy" (or "very creepy") you may disregard as nothing more than Jo's sick and demented sense of humor.*

So every day of the week I go to one class in the morning, and then, every other day of the week I have a second class a full three hours after the first one ends. there's no way I'm going to drive all the way home for an hour and then back again and park and plug the meter and all that nonsense, so instead I just stay in the general area of school, all by my lonesome. I managed to locate a quaint little coffee shop known as Scooters, and decided to adopt it as my second home.

During this two to three hours of time when I'm sitting in Scooters, I usually do some studying and mess around on my computer doing nothing in particular (hence, the rapid-fire blogs as of late). eventually, this gets old (I'm pretty sure I have A.D.D.) so I have been forced to think of a new past time.

Scooters has these big windows and it's next to a fairly busy street, so there are always a lot of people walking by on the sidewalk. the windows are easy to see out of, but not very easy to see into. *Insert here that one time when the Grinch smiled really big and evilly* I now had my past time.

I like watching people. don't be creeped out. I'm not one of the creepy stalkers, I'm one of the non-creepy ones. I even found a lonely little place in one of the more desolate corners of Scooters where I could practice my hobby in peace. I do this almost everyday.

But today, when I came into Scooters, there were some rowdy, obnoxious boys in my desolate corner making noise and throwing coffee everywhere. hey! move it! find your own stalking corner! but they didn't so I was forced to find another place to watch the masses. I managed to find another place, but it was in no way lonely or desolate. there were about three places where people could watch me without being seen by me. blast! I can't comfortably watch people if people are maybe watching me!

Never stalk people if you're being stalked. that's what I always say. so today I'm taking a break from my watching. you're in luck today, people. hopefully next time the obnoxious desolate corner-stealing boys will be gone so the Scooter-Stalker can once again do what she does best. :)


Jessica said...

Actually I know what you are talking about. i am a people watcher to. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I should find another way to entertain myself but people are interesting. As long as you are not getting creepy about it I don't see any problem.
Although when I used to work at a restaurant and when I would eat on my break I always felt self conscious. I always wondered if i did something wrong are the going to get up and leave the restaurant? should I model the food to show how delicious it is?
These are my boggles

Curtis said...

We need to form a people-watching group on facebook or something. I absolutely LOVE to watch people. It's so much fun. It's interesting to try to guess where they're at in life, almost like Sherlock Holmes. "That person is a secretary on the fourth floor of a hospital. They have been working there for three months now and they have two golden retrievers at home. They also paint abstract art in their free time." I dunno... lol.

Jessica said...

yeah umm ok (cookoo)

Curtis said...

Lol, you got something against Sherlock Holmes? Hmm? HMMM?

Jessica said...

No i love sherlock, I was referring to you lol. But actually it sounds like fun. I love how you make up the stories about the people. I have never actually done that but I bet it makes things more interesting. Are you sure you don't want to be a writer.

Jessica said...

oooh strange we posted at the same time 12 hours apart, creepy.

Curtis said...

I have thought about it, but I don't work well with dealines, lol. Wow, you sure are right there with the random observation. I wouldn't have even noticed that, lol. Good job. I still think we're twins who live in parallel universes, by the way... :-)

Jessica said...

neither do I lol, ever heard of freelance?
Yup that is what i like to call my overly tired bored observation.