Friday, October 12, 2007

Stained Glass

It’s no mystery to any of us
We’re all filthy as can be
We walk along in this corrupted world
Used to seeing the sinful debris

Some of us walk along forgiven
But no better than the rest
But because we are still sinful
We still remain depressed

Each of us, a fragment
A broken piece of glass
We think God made a mistake
Because we all contrast

We lament the places where we fall short
We weep because we’re stained
But we never think that our broken pieces
Can be beautifully rearranged

Although we chose to break God’s law
And inflict ourselves with stains
God did not abandon us to ourselves
But came and broke our chains

He made us free and gave us life
And sealed our release
And then, in all his mercy and grace
God made a masterpiece

He made us something beautiful
That nothing can surpass
Something so very lovely
Made from broken pieces of stained glass.


Jessica said...

Wow Jo that was wonderful!!!
I love it what a perfect alletartation. We are all stained glass, part of this whole puzzle.
Awesome Jo!!
Your sister in Christ,

Curtis said...

Beautiful! I love it. It's very touching.

Lacy said...

whoah, that's awesome.

Hero's Cousin said...

jo, that's really great! this is definitely one of my favorites. well done.