Monday, October 29, 2007

This is the Church

A congregation standing
Raising their voices in song
Praising the Lord with hands raised
Gathered in a sacred throng

This is the Church

A small gathering of people
Standing in the house of their Lord
Singing songs in Spanish
Praising the God they adore

This is the Church

A few families huddled together
Praying not to be found
Whispering their songs of praise
As they worship underground

This is the Church

All these people, joined together
As Christ’s beautiful Bride
Waiting to be taken Home
To the place He will provide

We are the Church


Jessica said...

That is awesome Jo! You are a truly amazing poet. Church is where you heart is right?
Have a great day sis!
Your sister in Christ,

Johanna said...

thanks Jessica! the Church is the Body of Christ, the believers. :)

Curtis said...

That was beautiful. For some reason, it really touched me. Thanks for sharing that!

Jessica said...

No problem Jo. Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration!
Love ya sister!
Your sister in Christ,

Tori said...

Jo - That is so good! It totally made me excited for church this coming Sunday! And it was so good to see you last are a talented writer! Keep it up!

Hero's Cousin said...

i think i told you this before, but this poem reminds me of the Newsboys song, He Reigns. i always think of singing to God in other countries, with people who can't understand what we're saying but whose hearts are worshipping too.

Curtis said...

Yea, I was going to say that, too, about the Newsboys song. This is one of those poems that, after reading, makes you want to stand up and say, "I am a Christian!" It's kinda like the "Onward Christian Soldiers" song. You just want to go and march into battle.

*psst* I posted a new blog.