Saturday, November 24, 2007


Like I've said before, it's great having Nikki and Jim back home, but it's been a few months now, and things were beginning to get pretty cramped. did you catch that? I said I were getting cramped. no, they haven't moved out yet. not really, anyway. Dad, Nikki, Jim, Justin and Kelsey have made their own journey to Minnesota, very much alike the one I took not so long ago. only this time, I am the one left behind to kick back and spread out a little. it's true, you guys. silence really is golden.

Of course, I'm not getting too much silence anyways, because Nikki, Jim and Dad weren't really making all that much noise in the first place. it's just a lot less tight in the house. not so much bumping into people going up and down the stairs or waiting behind three people for your turn in the shower or yelling at your older sister to move her car so you can get out of the driveway. I'm still trying to think up a way to get rid of the little noise monsters that I'm listening to right now, but when I do I'll finally be able to die happy.

The plan, last I heard, is that they're coming back Tuesday. So I only have two more days of vacation left before all the glory ends. how sad.

Oh, and does anybody see the logic of Black Friday?? I don't. what makes a person get out of bed at three o'clock in the morning to shop for sales that go until two in the afternoon?? I just don't get it. good thing I don't care about sales.

Welp, I'm gonna get back to my relaxing, relish what little bit remains of my Thanksgiving break, and take advantage of the elbow room while it lasts. toodles.


Swan said...

*taps fingers,looks through eyebrows darkly and says*...I truly envy You in that wonderful silence...

LOL,just kiding! =]

Jessy said...

Ahh yes little noise makers, we all love them don't we? I am always in that predicament, whenever their is a vactaion happening, I am usually the one who manages the noise makers lol.
BTW I went out on Black Friday and it was a blast. Last year I would have said the same thing but this year my mom and I dedcided to be brave and so we went. We had a lot of fun together and we have all the shopping done for the year.
Who knows why we put ourselves through this insanity, but hey it was fun lol.
Have a good vacation sis!

Curtis said...

Lol, I'm usually the noise-monster around our house. *grins evilly* But it's good noise, not bad noise (at least as far as my tastes in "noise" go). I went out on Black Friday! It was one, big Disney ride... I got mostly stuff that I needed for myself, lol. I do my Christmas shopping when the folks are out of the house. My bike gets a lotta use...

Well, kudos on the silence, there! Enjoy it while it lasts...


Jessica said...

Curtis why am I not suprised!
Did you get trampled on friday? I had a blast!!
You went shopping for yourself! How selfish lol! No just kidding!
Hope you had a good black friday and awesome blog Jo!
Jessica aka Jessy