Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nowhere: Part 2

Still up here in Nowhere. day...what is it...three? three. I think. that whole driving-all-night thing along with the extra hour really whacked me up. I'm pretty sure it's day three of Jo's Hunting Extravaganza. It's snowing right now...woohoo! snow is always a good thing while hunting. speaking of hunting, I haven't killed anything yet. time is ticking away...I need to get one in the next two days, people. oh, and the "big buck" idea is gone...all the bucks are being party-poopers and hiding all day. so from now on I'm going doe hunting. don't be upset.

It's been a great trip so far, from the hunting to playing Stratigo with my cousin to watching Payton Manning fumble the football and then lose the game. yep. I'd say it's been a pretty good trip indeed.

I just got back from hunting again. saw a nice six-point buck (maybe they're not all in hiding after all?), but it was watching me and then I moved slightly and it ran off. then I saw a doe, and I was about to shoot it, but for some reason I was shaking like a leaf and my heart was pounding and I couldnt make the stupid gun sit still...and then my grandpa came to pick me up on the 4-wheeler right next to where the deer was standing and scared it away. so I think it was God making me scared so I wouldn't shoot Grandpa. :P

Anyways. Tonight I'm gonna go to the stand called the Sand Pan. (yes, in Minnesota they name the deer stands. that is the way of these people). personally, I think it sounds like bedpan, which is a little distracting from hunting if you're sitting there thinking, "Oh man...I'm sitting in a bedpan.", but I'm still hoping it works out. although for some reason, the Sand Pan always makes me sometimes if I'm in it during the morning hunt I'll start to doze off. :-/

So I'm gonna head out again. I know this one was really boring but I'm mainly posting blogs just to maintain a tiny thread of sanity...if you've never been to my grandparents' house you would have no way of knowing that just being here will suck the sanity from your veins in two seconds if you don't find some way of maintaining it. so I have. and I am still sane. for now.

Later, people.


Jessica said...

Being in the middle of nowhere can suck the sanity out of all of us. Even those who barely have any sanity left lol. I think the Sand pan makes you sleepy because it sounds so similar to the Sand Man. Just a thought.
Anyway have fun and try not to go completely insane.
See ya later sis!

Curtis said...

Did you remember to pack your camouflage bedspread and pillow along? Lol. I'm sure you'll get your 10-point buck there. Just try not to think about rabid squirrels and carpenter ants... *grins*

Catcha lata!