Friday, November 30, 2007

You Speak Love

You Speak Love
Dedicated to my Father God, for speaking all the words I needed to hear and putting my fears at rest.

The uncertainty of this decision
Weighs on heart and mind
Fear and doubt attack me
As I find myself flying blind

My courage starts to falter
My heart begins to cower
The fears that are attacking me
I cannot overpower

What will your reaction be
When I tell you about this possible profession?
Will you laugh it off like it’s a joke?
Will you tell me it’s out of the question?

My mind runs through the infinate list
Of possibilities
I’m frightened, even terrified
My mind will not appease

Suddenly, I heard You speak
Your voice like a gentle caress
The words You speak are wonderful
And obliterate my distress

You speak courage to take a stand
You speak faith to do what’s right
You speak bravery to forsake the plan
You speak encouragement to be a light
You speak peace to obey Your words
You speak strength to go against the flow
You speak the joy of obedience
You speak trust to get up and go
You speak honor
You speak hope
You speak grace

Oh, God, You speak love.


Swan said...

I really love this,Jo!
I think that it would make a really beautiful song...= ]

Curtis said...

I love your poetry! Everything you write carries so much meaning. Which reminds me, I need to get out the ol' notepad and do some scribbling one of these days... Newhos... Good work!

Jessica said...

Thanks Jo, it was perfect timing. God must have sent you a memo that I needed this lol.
But seriously thanks sis, It helped and it is very encouraging. It is absolutely beautiful.